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Cassandra Collins

Audio Track Part One - Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Audio Track Part One - Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

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Track One: Introduction
Track Two: Opening Chant - Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 

Begin your personal practice session by chanting this mantra three times. The sound vibration tunes you in and calls on the subtle divine wisdom and the teacher within—your intuition (inner tutor).

Closing Chant - Sat Nam 

To end your session, chant this mantra three times. "Sat" means the essence of truth, and "Naam" means identity. This sound vibration reminds us that our divine human spark expresses our true identity.

During any class, syncing our breath rhythm with "sat" as we inhale and "Naam" as we exhale helps maintain focus when the practice becomes more challenging.

Enjoy cultivating a deeper connection to yourself and the world by setting aside a few minutes each day to settle in and listen as Cassandra guides us on a gentle yoga journey from our heads to our hearts. Gifting this time to yourself may help create a more peaceful life and energise your body, mind, and soul.

Kundalini yoga is a form that provides a practical way to balance our energy centres, known as chakras, through physical postures, dynamic movements, breathing patterns, and sound. It enhances mental clarity and brings ease to the body.

I will share short, simple awakening warm-up sets in the following files that almost everyone can try. I invite you to join me whenever possible for a more complete kriya or set, where we can delve deeper into all eight limbs or branches of yoga. This is the true value of establishing a Kundalini practice. Each session encompasses various aspects, from pranayama and meditation to Hatha yoga postures and chanting, creating a joyful and vital state of being.

Opening chant: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (explanation in writing)

- Closing chant: Sat Nam


Beginners are advised to sign up for a couple of my online classes before attempting self-practice.

I appreciate your interest in my audio file class offerings. I can’t wait to teach you!

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