So much more than a keep fit class.

Yoga is an age old practice of bringing balance to the mind, strength to the body and peace to the soul. Through intentional breathing, mindful movement and good hope we develop and polish all of our human super powers.These include our creativity, resilience and self awareness.  

Yoga is for everyone, not just the super bendy and fit. It takes patience and many hours of effort to change and transform the way we are now but change and improvement through yoga is a given.

Class includes:
Physical postures that are sometimes held for up to sixty seconds, or maybe more dynamic ones that flow with the breath 
Stillness or inactivity to allow space for the energy generated through the posture to settle and disperse

Specific breathing exercises to awaken our connection to the ALL (air is the element we all depend on for life, its where we experience that elusive oneness) 
Relaxation or Shivasana, a guided process of deep release and resetting of the nervous system.  

Upcoming Yoga Events

In the Southwood Gardens High Bickington North Devon
6.30 - 7.45pm every Tuesday from May 2024
Suitable for all levels of experience

Private one to one or couples sessions available
PRICE - Please enquire

Mats and props for hire

To find out more, click here to contact me