Cathy P January 2024

Cass is an amazing teacher! To all her classes Cass brings her passion, her compassion and pearls of wisdom drawn from her understanding of kundalini yoga. I love Cass' classes and am deeply grateful to Cass for her gentle guidance on this wonderful journey


Caroline H January 2024 

I have been joining Cass online for Kundalini yoga since the start of the pandemic.  Cass is a wonderful and experienced yoga expert and the classes are fantastic.  Cass not only provides advice and guidance within the yoga practice but has great knowledge around general health and well-being.  I simply love the classes, I always feel better, more positive and relaxed after the sessions and have become a Kundalini yoga convert – thanks to Cass.  I cannot recommend yoga with Cass highly enough!


Lorrayn de Peyer

The sound enveloped every cell. It was as if it was cleansing me of all my stress, anxiety, aches and pains. 

I went deep, very deeply into the core of my being where I felt held and led on a wonderous journey of what I would describe as a re-aligning with source. There were great waves of sound, sometimes roars, sometimes sounds of birds or gentle rain.  I came back rejuvenated as Cass gently brought me back to consciousness and I awoke feeling refreshed and peaceful.  

What a special energy you bring to this medium of healing Cass. Thank you. 



I have been attending Cassandra’s yoga class for over a year this was after a gap in my yoga journey of many years.  This has been for me a catalyst to reconnecting to my emotional physical and spiritual awakening. Cassandra is a truly gifted teacher who through her journey has a passion to share not impose her learning . Her style is gentle focused and respectful.


Cathy P April 2021

Hello Cass, just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying the morning yoga sessions, and how wonderfully energised I feel afterwards.  Having been struggling with energy levels for a while, this is both remarkable and so joyful for me.  I’m so grateful. Thank you!


Kath MK May 2021

Thank you for guiding us through this difficult time. It means a lot. Peace and love 



Good morning Cass, I just wanted to say... Thank you so much for the beautiful 11 day healing hands set. I truly loved being part of it and gained much benefit in body, mind and soul. In love, light and gratitude my dear friend


Joel K May 2021

I enjoy your class immensely (as I assume you know by now!) and appreciate your skill as a teacher.