NAAD YOGA - The Power of Sound - It's Enchanting

NAAD YOGA - The Power of Sound - It's Enchanting

Chanting is a form of yoga called NAAD YOGA. When we chant we connect directly to the divine creative spark within. The power of sound is an energy that can be experienced as a sound current that continuously flows in wave formations throughout our world from the highest trilling frequency of a Jenny Wren or a Song Birds' melody to the lowest vibration or drone of a slow revving mechanical engine. The amazing thing is that the sound we produce through our voice adds to these waves. Therefore all we have to say holds a vibration and this impacts the field of energy surrounding our physical body. It is said that there’s nothing more healing in the world around us than the sound of our own voice. This is why we chant. Mantra is the Sanskrit word for sacred chanting. MAN translate to mind and TRA is the creative tool. One of my most favourite mantra's is SAT NAM. This is a Bij Mantra of Kundalini Yoga - bij means seed, so chanting Sat Nam is a way we begin manifesting our Souls true desire.

Sat means Truth; Nam means Identity

Chanting Sat Nam helps us appreciate our mutual divine identity in which we are united in Universal Truth. It calls on that part of us which is divine or light (etheric) and gently stimulates the more subtle aspects of self - our highest emotional quotient, our creativity, our artistic nature, the sixth sense or our inner guidance.

When chanting these primal sounds we remember that we are more than simply a physical body made from the elements of earth water and fire that the spaces in between - the etheric - contain the sound and the light frequencies without which we would not feel anything or in fact even be alive and real. 

This is the realm of miracles and wonder where the sound patterns created through repeated chanting creates a potent flow state and invokes the law of attraction by magnetising the field of energy around us. It's totally trippy and awesome and when practiced within a group the power becomes palpable. Come try it sometime, you may find it enchanting!


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